06 October 2006

mussels & whisky

this wee boat - can you see it? - was sighted off the ferry between oban and mull. the trip from glasgow to oban had been spectacular, with views of loch lomond and other lochs along the way, and winding roads through forests just at the prelude to fall. approaching oban, we stopped for petrol, and right inside the station, we were able to buy a bottle of famous grouse, a glass of which we would enjoy before dinner at calgary bay.

in oban, we queued up for the ferry, then took a walk along the waterfront looking for coffee. we found much more than coffee: freshly smoked mussels, plump and delicious – not in the shell! – and drizzled some tangy sauces to have with our coffee while we waited for the ferry, which did in fact appear, majestically, coming round the point.

on the top deck of the ferry there were plenty of chairs and not many people. the sky was magnificent all day, telling a thousand stories with clouds breaking up, then re-forming and moving on until one of those breaks occurs, sending a shaft of light cascading to earth. usually such a sight evoked for me the day my father was buried. this time, though, two distinct shafts of light came out of the thunderhead onto the sheen of the water, and i couldn’t help thinking not only of fred, but also of velma.


Anonymous Karen Shanley said...

Sounds like a life-changing journey. Great beginnings for your blog. Keep up the wonderful writing. You've hooked me. I'd like to know more.

8:33 PM  

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