08 October 2006

the day

we rose the next morning to another glorious day – i still marvel at the knotty pine shower, luxurious water pressure, and the extraordinary clean i felt in that place. breakfast was already underway in the dining room, and in addition to the cereals and yoghurt and juices along the sideboard, one actually selected breakfast, so without hesitation, lindsay and i both ordered the most delicious smoked haddock with a poached egg on top, gallons of coffee, and get this. for the toast, a tiny wee dish of marmalade. it was a perfect meal, and a proper start to what would for me prove a quite historical day.

the further away i get from this day, the more i shake my head in sheer wonder at lindsay’s impeccable planning for our time there. the idea of our going first to tobermory, then to calgary, and then, or rather at this point, retracing our route back to duart castle, even now strikes me as absolutely brilliant, to say nothing of the necessary advance bookings and arrangements. small wonder that the whole trip took on a seamlessly carefree character, all because of her investing so much thought and preparation.


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