08 October 2006


on the way back to fionnphort, the wild grey sea gave urgency to the feel of that boat on those waves. homer again, specifically, these stanzas of the siren song:

"Sea rovers here take joy
Voyaging onward,
As from our song of Troy
Greybeard and rover-boy
Goeth more learnéd.

"All feats on that great field
In the long warfare,
Dark days the bright gods willed,
Wounds you bore there,

"Argos' old soldiery
On Troy beach teeming,
Charmed out of time we see.
No life on earth can be
Hid from our dreaming."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

To know a soul out here in NYC sees and feels the mystery, the poetry and magic of Staffa and Scotland feels me with joy. My husband and I visit Scotland as often as possible - as it feeds our souls - we try to keep its impressions alive through our art. Every artist, poet or composer most be captured by its power? First coming upon upon Staffa was shocking - It looked like massive temple built by the giants from ancient mythological time. Turner did a painting of Staffa with surrounding light and mists. Contemporary critics stated that the painting was too obscure. Turnner's reply was "But, I am a painter of the Obsure." Thank you for your photographs and sharing your feelings. Rebekah Samkuel & Frank O'Cain

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